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Boom Shakalaka Productions

Boom Shakalaka Productions is the brainchild of award-winning broadcaster Gemma Cairney and independent music management, marketing and radio production specialist Beth Clayton.

Boom Shakalaka produced Brigitte Aphrodite and Quiet Boy in their critically acclaimed gig musical ‘My Beautiful Black Dog’. Now their steering the ship again for new show ‘Parakeet’ along with co-producers ‘Boundless Theatre’.



Boundless Theatre

Boundless Theatre create exhilarating, relevant and shareable theatre. The work they produce responds to a vibrant and diverse global culture.

With an aim to empower, inspire and invest in future audiences and artists now and promote conversation, collaboration and exchange across the UK, Europe and internationally.

Boundless Theatre are producing Brigitte Aphrodite and Quiet Boy’s new show ‘Parakeet’ along with co-producers ‘Boom Shakalaka’.